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Massage therapy has been used for centuries to treat various conditions. However, it was not until the mid-1980s that massage therapy became widely accepted. In the last 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of massage therapists, the types of clients they treat, and the treatments they provide.

Massage is a form of bodywork that involves the application of pressure to muscles and other soft tissues to promote relaxation and improve circulation. A trained therapist typically performs it, but it can be done at home with various techniques.

What is Stretching Massage Therapy?

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Stretching Massage Therapy is a specialized form of bodywork that integrates stretching techniques into a massage session. Unlike traditional massages focusing on muscle relaxation, stretching massage involves assisted stretching movements that help lengthen and release tight muscles, improve joint mobility, and increase overall flexibility.

What Makes Stretching Massage Therapy Unique?

Stretching Massage Therapy stands out from other massage modalities because it emphasizes combining stretching techniques with traditional massage strokes. This therapy provides a more comprehensive approach to addressing muscular tightness and imbalances by integrating stretching movements. It not only helps to alleviate tension but also enhances the range of motion, and promotes better posture.

How is Stretching Massage Therapy Performed?

During a Stretching Massage Therapy session, our trained therapist at Flow Plus Massage Therapy in Highland Park, IL, will utilize a combination of techniques. They will employ traditional massage strokes such as effleurage, petrissage, and kneading to warm up the muscles and relax the body.
Then, they will incorporate specific stretching movements tailored to the individual’s needs. These stretches may involve passive stretching (where the therapist gently moves the client’s body) or active stretching (where the client actively participates). The therapist will apply varying pressure levels and adjust the intensity of the stretches to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

The Benefits of Stretching Massage

Benefits of Stretching To Get More From Massage Therapy

Improve Physical Performance:

An excellent wayl to enhance physical performance. Incorporating targeted stretches into the massage session helps increase flexibility, range of motion, and muscle elasticity. Improved flexibility allows for more efficient and effective movements, enhancing athletic performance in various sports, dance, or fitness routines.

Decrease the Risk of Injuries:

Regular Stretching Massage Therapy sessions can significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Combining stretching and massage techniques helps alleviate muscle imbalances, release tension, and promote proper alignment. Addressing these issues enhances muscle function, reduces strain on joints, and minimizes the likelihood of injuries during physical activities.

Enhance Joint Mobility:

Stretching Massage Therapy is crucial in improving joint mobility. The stretching movements applied during the session help increase the range of motion in your joints. This enhanced mobility allows you to move more freely, with less discomfort or stiffness. Whether you engage in sports, have a physically demanding job, or simply want to enjoy better mobility in your daily life, Stretching Massage Therapy can be immensely beneficial.

Increase Muscle Blood Flow:

Stretching Massage promotes increased blood flow to your muscles. The stretching techniques and massage strokes facilitate better circulation, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This increased blood flow aids muscle recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and promotes optimal muscle function.

Improve Daily Activities:

Incorporating Stretching Massage into your wellness routine can improve your ability to perform daily activities. Enhancing flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and promoting proper alignment make everyday movements easier and more comfortable. Whether bending, lifting, or reaching, you’ll notice improved ease and efficiency in performing tasks throughout your day.

Stretching Massage Therapy FAQ

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Is Stretching Massage Therapy Suitable for Everyone?

Stretching Massage Therapy is generally suitable for individuals of various ages including older individuals, younger individuals, and athletes with different physical conditions. However, it’s important to consult with our qualified therapist at Flow Plus Massage Therapy, to determine if it’s appropriate for your needs.

How long does a Stretching Massage Therapy session typically last?

The duration of a Stretching Massage Therapy session can vary depending on individual preferences and specific needs. Typically, a session can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. It is recommended to discuss your desired session length with the massage therapist to ensure they can accommodate your needs and provide an effective treatment within the chosen time frame.

Should I bring any special clothing for a Stretching Massage Therapy session?

It is advisable to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows for easy movement during the stretching portion of the session. However, Flow Plus Massage Therapy provides appropriate draping and linens to ensure your privacy and comfort.

What are the aftercare advice after treatment in massage therapy?

After a massage therapy session, proper aftercare is important to optimize the benefits and promote well-being. Stay hydrated by drinking water to flush out toxins and rehydrate muscles. Take time to relax and rest, allowing your body to integrate the benefits.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine, opting for herbal tea or water instead. Engage in gentle movement and stretching to maintain the massage’s effects and prevent stiffness. Follow our therapist’s recommendations, including exercises and stretches.

Consider booking regular sessions for ongoing benefits. By following these aftercare tips, you can maximize the benefits of your massage therapy session and promote long-term wellness.

How often should I schedule Stretching Massage?

For general maintenance and relaxation, a monthly session may be sufficient. However, if you have specific concerns or are using Stretching Massage Therapy as part of a treatment plan, our therapist may recommend two or three times a week.

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