Meet Dora

Dora Narita, a founder of Flow Plus Pilates, is a BASI (Body Art and Sciences International) Pilates instructor. Dora completed her Pilates training under Cindy Reid, senior faculty member for BASI Pilates and owner of Flow Studios in Chicago. Dora received her Pilates teaching credentials from Rael Isacowitz, founder and owner of BASI Pilates in Costa Mesa, California. 

Dora is a certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and a licensed massage therapist in Illinois. Dora graduated from The School of Massage Therapy at SOLEX Medical Academy in Wheeling, Illinois.

Flow Plus Pilates Studio
Flow Plus Pilates is a boutique studio in Highland Park, Illinois. Our studio’s unique approach is based on precision, concentration, efficiency and flow. We bring our clients a repertoire of workouts focusing on posture correction and mind awareness. We are always hands-on to correct and center the body during private sessions and group classes. 
The benefits of Pilates are boundless. They seemingly increase your strength and flexibility and also correct muscle activation and help internal organs function better. We think of Pilates as a “diet” for your joints and muscles. We believe it is a fitness method that should be incorporated into everyone’s workout routine. 
We invite you to join us for your own Pilates adventure. We promise a fun workout where the discovery of your capabilities will be never ending.

I first started Pilates a few months ago and I’ve already noticed a change in my body. Dora’s knowledge of the body and attention to detail in making sure I’m using the correct form make Flow Plus the best Pilates studio on the Northshore. I’ve hated working out in the past, but Dora makes the workout fun – – I actually look forward to going to her classes!

KERRI G., Highland Park, IL

Dora is a highly qualified certified instructor of Pilates. I have taken private Reformer and Cadillac lessons as well as a few group classes. I can testify she is patient, knowledgeable and more importantly, always supportive and encouraging. Every session has been a positive experience. Dora provides easy to follow instructions and explanations when introducing new exercises. Her students come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, so don’t be intimidated to try Pilates with such an amazing instructor!

MADDY M., Highwood, IL