Personal fitness services thru Pilates, Therapy, Massage

Welcome to Flow Plus Pilates a premier studio for Personal Fitness. Our approach to personal wellness provides our clients with fitness options that help them achieve their lifestyle fitness goals through Pilates, Therapy and Massages.

Flow Plus Pilates is proudly owner managed and operated. Smaller class sizes, personal attention, extra perks, and a beautiful environment can make a difference in one’s fitness regimen.



Personal fitness services thru Pilates, Therapy, Massage

We understand that starting a new fitness routine at a new location requires trust. To help build that trust, we offer our new clients new packages  to experience our different Pilates, Therapy and Massage offerings.

  • We are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for our clients and stand by the high quality of our services. 

I first started Pilates a few months ago and I’ve already noticed a change in my body. Dora’s knowledge of the body and attention to detail in making sure I’m using the correct form make Flow Plus the best Pilates studio on the Northshore. I’ve hated working out in the past, but Dora makes the workout fun. I actually look forward to going to her classes!

KERRI G., Highland Park, IL

Dora is a highly qualified certified instructor of Pilates. I have taken private Reformer and Cadillac lessons as well as a few group classes. I can testify she is patient, knowledgeable and more importantly, always supportive and encouraging. Every session has been a positive experience. Dora provides easy to follow instructions and explanations when introducing new exercises. Her students come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, so don’t be intimidated to try Pilates with such an amazing instructor!

MADDY M., Highwood, IL

Flow Plus Pilates is an extension of Dora’s passion and hard work. She is a perfectionist.
Her goal is to make sure when you live her class you feel energized,relaxed and in touch with yourself. Do it!

Silvia Roman

Dora is wonderful and passionate about what she does. She knows what she is doing and will teach you how to do Pilates correctly!

Sally Giannetti

Dora is the best! Try her and you will be hooked. Beautiful, spotless studio.

Shari Stifter Green

The best pilates studio!!! Hey nice place and friendly environment!

Veronica Mariana

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improves strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and endurance

  • Teaches correct muscle activation

  • Improves breathing

  • Safe for pregnant women

  • Corrects posture and alignment

  • Improves balance

  • Decreases pain due to trauma or injury

  • Improves function of the internal organs